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What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimization

We make you more money through our SEO Services

We have tested and proven results for our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services. At Best SEO Marketing, we’re a trusted SEO company for our clients of all sizes.

When looking for an SEO firm, it is important for you to approach an SEO firm with actual results to show for.

By leveraging SEO, you will be able to potentially grow your company’s revenue by 2 or 3 times, as long as you engage an SEO company with a proper process in place to take you to the top of the search engines.

Here are the top SEO ranking factors as of 29th March 2020

If you want your website to perform well with SEO Marketing, be sure to take note of these important factors:

1. Creating high quality content that will help your users find what they want

2. Adjust your meta tags such as Title Tags, Heading Tags, Meta Description in order to help the search engines understand what your page is about.

3. Your website authority which is largely dependent on the quality of backlinks pointing to your website

4. Whether your website matches the website visitor’s search intent. When a website visitor types in a search query on the search engine, they are looking for solutions or answers. Does the content on your page match what they are searching for?


As a professional SEO agency based in Singapore, we strive to provide technical expertise combined with powerful marketing strategies in order to grow your business.

With today’s competition in SEO, simply using SEO alone is not enough. It has to be coupled with a strong marketing message in order to acquire more leads for your business.

Top SEO Ranking Factors This Year-min

How Much Do SEO Services Typically Cost?

It really depends. 

Depending on your industry, the cost could vary.

Some competitive industries such as real estate or insurance would require an extensive amount of effort and resources in order to deliver SEO results.

As competitive industries require more resources to be invested in the SEO campaign, the cost would typically be higher.

Other industries that are less competitive would require less resources. As a result, the cost is lower.

Typically , low competition industries are very niche. Examples include confinement nannies, electrical engineering services and construction companies.

For an in-depth article on how your SEO budget is being spent, feel free to read an article we have written by clicking on the button below.

SEO Copywriting Incorporated On Your Website

One critical component of the success of your SEO Campaign is to ensure that SEO Copywriting is done well on your website.

By writing content that best help the user with what they are searching for on Google, you will be able to rank well on Google and attract a whole bunch of leads and sales.

This is usually done by making sure that your website provides informational and informative content for your website visitors.

Find out more about how our SEO Copywriting works today.  

SEO Copywriting in Singapore

With our SEO Performance guarantee, you don't pay if we don't deliver

We believe that companies and business owners should not be forking out money if we don’t deliver results.

At Best SEO Marketing, our solid 90-day performance guarantee* ensures that we take you to the top of the Google Search Engine, else you need not pay for our SEO Services until we do.

The reason why we do that is to ensure that there are tangible metrics for you to measure our performance.

It’s important for you to see results. Otherwise, it’s simply not going to be worth your investment.

*90 days from the day you supply us your website access

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Top 3 Reasons to work with us, a leading SEO vendor in Singapore

We have proven results for SEO​

Have you ever had that experience where you had an SEO Company or "Self-Proclaimed SEO Guru" approach you claiming that they can rank you on Google, but have no past results to show for it? At Best SEO Marketing Pte Ltd, we walk the talk with proven results. Having ranked for more than 2,000 keywords on the first page of Google for our clients, we are confident that you can be our next success story.

You work directly with an experienced SEO Technician​

We ensure that you have direct access to a competent SEO Technician.
No more middlemen. No more account managers that are not technically competent. Our SEO Technician can share with you the strategies and approaches that he/she has taken to rank you on search engines. We believe in 100% transparency so that as our client, you know how your budget is being spent.

100% In-House Work​

As much as the Singapore government values foreign talent, we can guarantee that you will be working directly with a true blue Singaporean. We do not outsource our work to offshore companies, as we believe that might compromise work quality. No more thick accents that are difficult to understand. You will be working with a true blue Singaporean that will actively listen to your requirements as our client.

Frequently Asked Questions about our SEO Services

Our SEO services ensure that you need not fork out a single cent if we do not deliver any type of result. We understand that every business owner should not be paying if there are no results being delivered. As such, we do not believe in charging our clients if there is no true value being delivered.


Our SEO Technicians will perform the keyword research for your SEO campaign. Thereafter, we will shortlist a select number of keywords for you to choose from. Do note that the keywords selection process is based upon extensive keyword research factors such as the competitiveness of the keyword, the current authority of your website, search intent of the keyword and the likelihood of your website ranking for the keywords.


Long-tail keywords generally have stronger search intent as they are more targeted. Our SEO Experts will offer a mix of long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords that is relevant to your business. We want to select keywords that are of value to your business, so as to improve the number of inbound leads coming to your website.


If we do not obtain the milestone guarantees as set forth at the start of the SEO campaign, we will refund you the money that we have collected. We do not believe in charging our clients for work that is of no output value. As a general guideline, we are supposed to achieve 10% of keywords when we are 3 months into the SEO campaign, 30% of keywords when we are 6 months into the SEO campaign and 60% of keywords when we are 12 months into the SEO campaign.


Our SEO work is done in-house as we have a team of SEO technicians who are well-equipped with the knowledge to perform SEO. We do not outsource our work to companies from other countries. Outsourcing could potentially lead to a compromise in work quality. During the SEO campaign, we will provide timely updates on the optimizations that we have made to your website in order for your website to rank on Google.

No we are not, and we do not intend to be. We charge above market prices because we believe that you get what you pay for. It is important to us that we perform quality White-Hat SEO for your website that is sustainable, so that your website does not get penalized by Google in the long term.

Some SEO companies adopt Black-Hat SEO or Grey-Hat SEO techniques that are extremely aggressive. These methods usually include the usage of building Private Blog Networks (PBNs) to your website, which could seriously damage your website in the long run. PBNs are artifical websites that are created for the sake of sending links to your website, in order to trick the search engine to think that your website is popular. Black-Hat SEO techniques may result in a manual penalty by Google, which means that your website could face the risk of being removed from the Google search engine permanently.

Not every business requires SEO. If you are selling a product that is a commodity, such as a toothbrush or a pencil, chances are you wouldn’t require SEO. These products are widely available in brick and mortar stores and the chances of someone purchasing these products from your website is low. With the prevalence of E-Commerce platforms such as Lazada, AliExpress, Shoppee and Carousell, the chances are even lower.

SEO is more suitable for businesses that are in a specialized niche. Examples include 3D Printing Services, Civil Engineering Services, Plumbing Services and Commercial Pest Control Services. These services are often sought after by people on the Google search engine, ensuring that SEO will prove to be effective for their business.

We Are Often Asked: What Makes Us An SEO Expert?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often confused with Search Engine Marketing. Unlike Search Engine Marketing, where business owners pay Google to advertise their business through the Google Search Engine, SEO is a process where business owners can get visits to their website simply by ranking organically.

As the information being provided on the Search-Engine-Optimized website is what Google deems to be the most relevant to what the user is searching for, the business owner need not pay a single marketing dollar except to perform SEO on his or her own website.

The objective of SEO is to generate more leads and sales.

Most SEO Campaigns begin with a successful keyword research process.

By researching on the competitiveness of the keyword, along with the site’s authority, and gauging whether the website is able to outrank competitors’ pages is critical to the success of the SEO campaign.

Competent SEO experts should be able to perform in-depth keyword research by using tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs and SEMRush.

SEO Experts should understand what On-Page SEO is all about. Some critical elements which affect search rankings include the following:

URL Structure

Arguably the most important component, and easily abused by people who purchase Exact Match Domains or Partial Match Domains, URL Structure is usually understood to be the most important element of ranking a website.

Title Tags

Adjusting the title tag is crucial to allow the Search Engine to identify what the webpage is all about. By adjusting a title tag to include the keywords that you want to rank for, it allows Google to identify what the webpage is trying to convey to the user. Generally, a good title tag includes keywords that the webpage is trying to rank for in a natural and non-spammy way. It’s obvious when someone is trying to stuff keywords in the Title Tag just for the sake of getting search traffic.

Title Tags should not exceed 65 characters as any Title Tags that exceed that length will be truncated in the Search Engine Results Pages. Furthermore, there should not be title tags that are duplicated across the website as that will confuse the Google Search Engine on which webpage to rank on the Search Engine Results Pages. 

Heading Tags

Although often argued by some SEO Experts that heading tags are no longer a ranking factor, some SEO experts beg to differ. SEO Experts like Chase Reiner, claim that heading tags are still important and a crucial ranking factor on Google.

Other SEO gurus like Jenny Halasz from Search Engine Journal, claims that H1 tags are not a huge ranking factor, especially so if there are already obvious texts on the page. She claims that the Search Engine is able to gauge any large texts that are currently present on the page and adding an H1 tag to it doesn’t make any difference.

Mobile Friendliness

As recently announced in May 2019, John Mueller from Google has announced that Google will now look at whether a page is mobile-friendly prior to indexing the page. Known as mobile-first indexing, webmasters now need to take into account the mobile-friendliness of a page in order to ensure the best SEO results.

Adjusting Alt Tags On Images

By including ‘alt’ tags into images, Google can better understand what the image is all about. As Google is unable to read what’s on the image directly (well, not 100% accurate at least), an ‘alt’ tag will help the search engine understand what the image is about.

‘Alt’ Tags should be natural and indicative of what the image is about.

Creating Content For User’s Search Intent

At the end of the day, Google is a search engine designed to make our lives easier. One crucial point to note is that the content on the web page you’re trying to rank for should be helpful and useful to the user that is searching for it. Once the user search intent has been fulfilled, your webpage will naturally climb the rankings as it’s deemed by Google to help the user.

There are more than 200 ranking factors that will affect one’s Google rankings. An SEO expert should be able to point out what are the most critical technical SEO factors that will affect one’s ranking.

Installing a Secured Socket Layer Certificate

It is important that one’s site is secure as Google has confirmed that this is a ranking factor. Installing a Secured Socket Layer Certificate can be done for free by using free resources from Let’s Encrypt Authority X3 or Cloudflare.

Uploading a Sitemap to Google Search Console

As Google has to crawl billions of webpages every day, it is important for Google to actually understand what your website is all about. You can do so by submitting the Sitemaps of your website to Google Search Console.

Having a robots.txt File to Block Any Unwanted Resources

Not all webpages have to be indexed on Google. Some irrelevant pages such as profile pages should not be indexed. In one case, Moz de-indexed thousands of irrelevant profile pages and their traffic volume and rankings soared through the roof.

Redirecting Error 404 pages

By implementing a 301 redirect on error 404 pages, it ensures that users have a great user experience. Furthermore, Google prefers websites that do not have any 404 pages as it is perceived as disrupting the user’s experience.

Black Hat SEO

Otherwise known as unethical means to rank webpages. Black Hat SEO is an aggressive technique used by SEO consultants to manipulate the Google Search Engine.

If discovered by Google, it may lead to dire consequences. Google could penalize the website and potentially de-index the website from the Google Search Engine forever.

Some SEO consultants still use Black Hat methods like keyword stuffing, making invisible keywords, buying high authority domain backlinks to link to their webpages.

A competent SEO expert will understand the consequences of using this technique.

Grey Hat SEO

Known as the middle ground between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. Grey Hat SEO is the fine line between unethical and ethical means.

It could include things like buying authoritative domains for the sake of redirecting to one’s website in order to acquire link juice. This supposedly increases the relevancy of the page in hopes of increasing one’s rankings on Google.

White Hat SEO

Digital marketing agencies who perform White Hat SEO on a website use a 100% ethical and natural means. These usually include guest post outreach and writing awesome content that matches users’ search intent.

It might take a little longer to rank the position of the website but it is definitely worth the effort to achieve that higher Domain Authority for the website and its branding.

Activities related to white hat SEO include content marketing and producing relevant content for users. In conjunction with press releases, this form of SEO will truly be able to bring you true organic growth.

SEO is only one aspect of digital marketing. A competent SEO expert knows how to create a seamless user interface and user experience, therefore increasing conversion rates. On top of that, performing a holistic digital marketing audit is part of an SEO expert’s job to create a powerful system to generate sales.

Having the rankings in the search engine is simply not enough. An SEO expert will be able to advise businesses on how to optimize the website’s layout, to increase conversions. Website visitors may simply bounce off from the webpage due to poor user experience.

Furthermore, performing retargeting advertisements on Social Media and Google Ads will ensure a higher conversion rate.

Showing of results

Competent SEO Consultants should not have any issue to show you the actual case studies of the website or webpage that they have successfully ranked before. After all, if they can’t walk the talk, what qualifies them to be an SEO expert?

Social Proof

SEO experts should be able to show a lot of good reviews on Facebook, Google and across the internet about themselves. If one claims that he or she is an SEO expert but do not have the ability to show themselves well on the internet through the Google Search Engine, what kind of an expert could they be?

Testimonials and Referrals

Besides being able to showcase themselves well on the internet, skilled SEO experts and consultants should be able to provide a list of clients they have served before. This shows credibility and builds trust and authority amongst potential prospects who want to engage the SEO expert for his or her services.

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    1. Hi William

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  2. I actually didn’t know what seo was about until I googled and came across your page. You explained it really well.

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      Leads will come only if we craft the right offer and the right lead magnet for your business.
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    1. Hi Stephen

      I do not think that keyword density is a huge factor.

      Obviously, if you want to rank for a certain keyword, you should include that in your web page’s copy.

      However, there is no need to keep repeating the keyword for the sake of getting it to rank.

      It is more critical to write naturally so that website visitors will actually benefit from the website copy.

      I hope that helps.


    1. Hi Susan,

      SEO is largely optimizing your website to appear on Google.
      That’s because Google dominates more than 90% of the Search Engines’ market share.

      Hope that helps

  3. Thanks for sharing such a great post with us, By the way, If you are looking for an SEO Agency in the US? I would recommend SEO Executor.

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      As a professional SEO agency in Singapore, we do appreciate your recommendation.

      Unfortunately, all our projects are done in-house by our team and we do not work with external SEO agencies.

      I do appreciate your offer and wish you all the best in your business.


  4. Do you have any existing clients in private JC tuition?
    Would love to engage you as long as you don’t work with my competitor

    1. Hi John

      Depending on the competition for your industry, it could range from anywhere between 3 months to 6 months to see results.

    1. Hi SEO Executor

      Yes, it does take a while to master.

      But once you get the hang of it, it will only get easier from there!

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      It really depends on the scope and requirements of your SEO campaign.

      Let’s speak on this through email.

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    1. Hi Wayne

      Based on my keyword research, it turns out that there are many people searching for chiropractors on Google.

      So yes, it would be suitable.

    1. Content definitely plays a huge role in terms of determining whether your page should rank or not.

      Ultimately, the search engine is meant to help users find what they need to find. So if your content is terrible and nobody wants to read it, why would Google rank it at the top?

    1. Yes definitely, you could even dive into affiliate marketing with SEO to promote someone else’s product.
      Otherwise, you could start your own business and use SEO as a tool to market your products and services.
      Hope that helped.

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