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Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

When was the last time you visited Facebook or Instagram?

My bet is that it’s some time this week. 

As Singaporeans, we are often glued to our social media feeds. 

Whether we are on the MRT, the bus, or on a taxi, we will likely take out our phones to check out our social media feeds.

And that is why your business needs to be on social media in order to create more awareness for your brand.

How To Get Started With Social Media Marketing

You need a Facebook Page. Having a Facebook Page allows you to build a following.

A Facebook Page allows you to advertise your products and services. Furthermore, you can provide more information about your products and services.

From there, you can decide to start running Facebook Advertisements in order to get more traction quickly, or you could do regular postings on an organic basis.

Needless to say, advertising costs money while organic posts are free.

We typically help our clients run their Social Media Marketing campaigns in order to generate more leads and sales for their business.


Results speak for themselves.

IWe managed to acquire leads at $5 per lead for one of our clients in the fitness industry.

Each lead that came in was enquiring about a $400 package.

We have many other case studies but this is just to give you the general idea of the type of results we can achieve for you. 

That being said, we are extremely selective of who we work with as we do not simply serve everyone who walks through our door.

To find out how you can achieve similar results like many of our happy clients, click on the button below now to request a callback.


It depends.

The cost of social media marketing could vary from industry to industry.

However, you get to decide what your budget is. You can directly adjust the amount you wish to spend on advertisements on social media channels, such as Facebook or Instagram.

As you engage a social media marketing agency to run social media marketing campaigns for you, you will be charged a management fee.

Typically, digital agencies could charge from anywhere between $300 a month all the way to $5,000 a month just on the management fee alone.

The reason why there is a huge disparity is because of the scope of work and the positioning of the digital agency.

Digital agencies that have huge results typically charge higher.

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Top 3 Reasons to work with us, a leading Social Media Marketing Agency in Singapore

We let you know whether it is a good fit

We do not simply serve any customer that walks through our door. If we can’t help you, we will refer you to somebody that we know which can help you. At Best SEO Marketing, we work with selected businesses who we know we can help. We understand that reputation is crucial, and we do not want to damage our brand name just to earn a management fee from you.

You work directly with a social media strategist

With direct access to a social media strategist who works full time in Singapore, you could drop your social media campaign manager a WhatsApp message if you have any inquiries to your marketing campaign. This ensures 100% transparency and you know how your budget is being spent.

100% In-House Work

As much as the Singapore government values foreign talent, we can guarantee that you will be working directly with a Singaporean. No more thick accents that are difficult to understand. You will be working with a true blue Singaporean that will actively listen to your requirements as our client.