Use our SEO Services to delight your customers if you’re a digital agency, website designer or freelancer.




White Label SEO is when you want to provide SEO service to your existing client, but do not have the expertise to do so.

By engaging a White Label SEO company or a SEO Reseller like Best SEO Marketing Pte Ltd, you will be able to represent to your client that you are performing actiive SEO Work for them, while having us do the work for you.

Why should you outsource your SEO services to us?

You will be able to service your existing customers well by having us perform the SEO work for you.

We offer a SEO guarantee* that ranks your clients’ website within 90 days, else we’ll work for free.

Use our guarantee as your guarantee.

Who is White Label SEO / SEO Reseller Programs for?

Digital Marketing Agencies

If your specialty is in Social Media, Paid Traffic, Email Marketing or any other digital channels, partner with us to get your clients organic traffic!

Web Designers/ Web Developers

You design a great website for your clients. But, what good is a website without showing up on Google? Partner with us to get results for your clients!


If you perform graphic design work, web designs, or any other form of marketing work for your clients, you want the best for your clients. Get your clients more leads and sales by engaging us!


Your 5-Step Process To Getting Results For Your Clients 

Step 1

You let your client know that you are offering SEO services. Your client trusts you and proceeds to engage you for SEO Services.

Step 2

Your customer gets into a contract for SEO Services with you. From there, you will enter into a contract with Best SEO to perform SEO work for your client.

Step 3

We will start performing SEO work for your client, by giving you an onboarding form. Fill in all the information required for your client. 

Step 4

You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager that will provide you the SEO keywords research, marketing strategy and recommendations for your client. We will keep you updated and feed you a monthly SEO Performance report with your brand that you can provide to your client.

Step 5

You will amaze your client with the results that Best SEO has delivered for your client.

Your client starts loving you more and your business relationship continues to grow with your client!

Start offering your clients these SEO Reseller Packages

Silver SEO Reseller

10 Keywords
$ 797
per month
  • On Page SEO
  • 10 Title Tag Optimizations
  • 10 URL Structure Optimizations
  • 10 301 Redirects
  • 10 Heading Tags Adjustments
  • 10 Pages Content Writing
  • Unlimited 404 Error Corrections
  • Robots.txt Submission
  • Sitemap.xml Submission
  • Favicon Creation
  • Off Page SEO
  • 40 Directory Listing Submissions
  • 1 Press Release
  • 5 Brand Mentions
  • Light Crowd Search
  • Guaranteed 3 Keywords on Page 1 of Google after 6 months

Gold SEO Reseller

20 Keywords
$ 997
per month
  • On Page SEO
  • 20 Title Tag Optimizations
  • 20 URL Structure Optimizations
  • 20 301 Redirects
  • Up To 2 Revisions
  • 20 Heading Tags Adjustments
  • 20 Pages Content Writing
  • Unlimited 404 Error Corrections
  • Robots.txt Submission
  • Sitemap.xml Submission
  • Favicon Creation
  • Off Page SEO
  • 60 Directory Listing Submissions
  • 2 Press Releases
  • 8 Brand Mentions
  • Medium Crowd Search
  • Guaranteed 6 Keywords on Page 1 of Google after 6 months

Platinum SEO Reseller

40 Keywords and above
$ 1397
per month
  • On Page SEO
  • 40 Title Tag Optimizations
  • 40 URL Structure Optimizations
  • 40 301 Redirects
  • 40 Heading Tags Adjustments
  • 40 Pages Content Writing
  • Unlimited 404 Error Corrections
  • Robots.txt Submission
  • Sitemap.xml Submission
  • Favicon Creation
  • Off Page SEO
  • 80 Directory Listing Submissions
  • 4 Press Releases
  • 12 Brand Mentions
  • Heavy Crowd Search
  • Guaranteed 12 Keywords on Page 1 of Google after 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions about our SEO Services and Packages

Our SEO packages ensure that you need not fork out a single cent if we do not deliver any type of result. We understand that every business owner should not be paying if there are no results being delivered. As such, we do not believe in charging our clients if there is no true value being delivered. 

Leveraging On Page SEO strategies, we get your website ranking on the top of Google.

Our SEO Technicians will perform the keyword research for your SEO campaign. Thereafter, we will shortlist a select number of keywords for you to choose from. Do note that the keywords selection process is based upon extensive keyword research factors such as the competitiveness of the keyword, the current authority of your website, search intent of the keyword and the likelihood of your website ranking for the keywords.


Long-tail keywords generally have stronger search intent as they are more targeted. Our SEO Experts will offer a mix of long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords that is relevant to your business. We want to select keywords that are of value to your business, so as to improve the number of inbound leads coming to your website.


If we do not obtain the milestone guarantees as set forth at the start of the SEO campaign, we will refund you the money that we have collected. We do not believe in charging our clients for work that is of no output value. As a general guideline, we are supposed to achieve 10% of keywords when we are 3 months into the SEO campaign, 30% of keywords when we are 6 months into the SEO campaign and 75% of keywords when we are 12 months into the SEO campaign.


Our SEO work is done in-house as we have a team of SEO technicians who are well-equipped with the knowledge to perform SEO. We do not outsource our work to companies from other countries. Outsourcing could potentially lead to a compromise in work quality. During the SEO campaign, we will provide timely updates on the optimizations that we have made to your website in order for your website to rank on Google.


No we are not, and we do not intend to be. We charge above market prices because we believe that you get what you pay for. It is important to us that we perform quality White-Hat SEO for your website that is sustainable, so that your website does not get penalized by Google in the long term.

Some SEO companies adopt Black-Hat SEO or Grey-Hat SEO techniques that are extremely aggressive. These methods usually include the usage of building Private Blog Networks (PBNs) to your website, which could seriously damage your website in the long run. PBNs are artifical websites that are created for the sake of sending links to your website, in order to trick the search engine to think that your website is popular. Black-Hat SEO techniques may result in a manual penalty by Google, which means that your website could face the risk of being removed from the Google search engine permanently.

Not every business requires SEO. If you are selling a product that is a commodity, such as a toothbrush or a pencil, chances are you wouldn’t require SEO. These products are widely available in brick and mortar stores and the chances of someone purchasing these products from your website is low. With the prevalence of E-Commerce platforms such as Lazada, AliExpress, Shoppee and Carousell, the chances are even lower.

SEO is more suitable for businesses that are in a specialized niche. Examples include 3D Printing Services, Civil Engineering Services, Plumbing Services and Commercial Pest Control Services. These services are often sought after by people on the Google search engine, ensuring that SEO will prove to be effective for their business.