Pricing of Our digital marketing services

We answer your burning questions to why we charge what we charge for digital marketing services in Singapore.

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Here's WHAT we charge for our Digital Marketing services:


We charge a minimum management fee of $1,300 per month.

(Keep in mind these prices also vary largely based on your industry, your current website specifications, the competitiveness of your industry’s keyword.)

Most other agencies charge between $500 per month up to $10,000 per month, depending on the project scope.

Additionally, you have to commit to a minimum of 6 months. 

The reason why we do this is because for each campaign setup, we have a series of processes that requires at least 10 man-hours required per month in order to optimize your campaign. 

Your SEO campaign will consist (but not limited to) the following:
1. Extensive Keywords Research
2. Title Tags Adjustment

3. Meta Description Adjustment

4. Content Strategy For 2 Blog Articles Per Month 

5. Sitewide SEO Audit

6. Technical SEO Adjustments (Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml submission, indexation)

7. Google Analytics Installation

8. Google Search Console Installation

9. Link Building

10. Rewriting of content for top pages to target for main keywords

Pricing for Facebook Ads

We charge a minimum management fee of $1,250 per month or 20% of your ad spend (whichever is higher).

(Keep in mind these prices also vary largely based on your industry, the custom plan that we set out for you, and your requirements.)

Most other agencies charge between $500 per month to 20% of ad spend per month.

Additionally, you have to commit to a minimum of 3 months

The reason why we do this is because for each campaign setup, we have a series of setups required in order to optimize your campaign.

Our scope for Facebook Ads campaign includes (but not limited to) the following:

1. An eye-capturing ad creative that stops people from mindlessly scrolling on Facebook

2. Your ad copywriting that sucks in the attention of your distracted prospect on Facebook

3. Well researched audience targeting that clearly understands your target market

4. Intensive split testing strategy – split test your headlines, creatives and ad copy

5. A ridiculously powerful re-targeting strategy to suck in leads like a vacuum cleaner on steroids

6. Crafting an outrageously potent offer

Take note that this excludes your advertising budget which will be paid directly to Facebook.

Pricing for Google Ads

We charge a minimum management fee of $1,250 per month or 20% of your ad spend (whichever is higher).

(Keep in mind these prices also vary largely based on your industry, the custom plan that we set out for you, and your requirements.)

Most other agencies charge between $500 to 20% of ad spend per month.

Additionally, you have to commit to a minimum of 3 months

The reason why we do this is because for each campaign setup, we have a series of setups required in order to optimize your campaign.

Our scope for Google Ads Campaign includes (but not limited to) the following:

1. Well researched keywords with the correct search intent to buy

2. Attention-sucking advertising headlines and descriptions

3. Adding negative keywords in your campaign to reduce the Cost Per Click of unrelated keywords

4. Your split testing strategy to test out different headlines and descriptions

5. Optimising of your landing page’s keywords to reduce Cost Per Click.

6. Crafting a sick offer that converts well

Take note that this further excludes your advertising budget.

Pricing for LANDING PAGE 

(includes 2-step funnel)

For our landing pages design, we charge $997 per page, along with $350 for direct response copywriting for each page.

Most digital marketing agencies charge anywhere between $500 to $1,500 for a landing page design. 

Our scope for landing page design includes:

1. A highly converting landing page that results in a torrential downpour of leads, sales and revenue

2. An insanely compelling copy that brings you highly qualified leads

3. Positioning your offer as the only logical solution for your potential customer to select from


For a full-blown website design, it starts from a minimum of $3,000.

We are not a pre-approved SME-Go-Digital vendor. 

This also means that you need to fork out this amount in full.

However, you may leverage the Enterprise Support Grant (ESG) which is open to all companies.

Most pre-approved SME-Go-Digital vendor charge between $8,000 to $12,000 (which allows for a further 80% subsidy by the government.)

Our scope for web design includes:

1. A minimal 10 page web design for service-based businesses (extra web page comes at $250)

2. A fully On-Page-SEO-optimized website (Title Tags, Meta Description and more)

3. Direct response copywriting incorporated with SEO copywriting to convert website visitors like clockwork.

4. Google Analytics and Google Search Console Integration to track website visitor stats.

5. 2 Major Revisions 

What our clients say

Olivia Yeong
Olivia Yeong
09:24 08 Feb 22
The team at Best SEO are super decidated and professional. They are very proactive with their marketing segmentation and have brought quality leads. Very thankful to have found a responsible marketing agency to help me with my facebook ads!
Aileen K
Aileen K
06:39 09 Dec 21
Kudos to Bestseo for client servicing, efficiency, creativity and just having so much heart in the work delivered! It was a very pleasant experience working with Catheryn and Jim. Greatly appreciate the support throughout the entire project. Best SEO is an agency that always goes the extra mile for clients.
Diana Khor
Diana Khor
02:27 01 Sep 21
Will love to give them 7 stars if i can. My company engaged Best SEO to do up the freshmen orientation websites 2 years in a row. It has been such a pleasure working with Jim and Catheryn on these projects. They are professional, easy to communicate with and provide great suggestions to help me achieve the look and feel i was going for. Catheryn and Jim will highlight potential issue and errors that i missed out, helping to resolve issues before they crop up.The works were delivered ahead of schedule too, all 60 webpages. How awesome is that! Even after the website is launched, the follow up service is prompt and swift. I will definitely work with Best SEO again for my next project and will recommend them to anyone who wants to get their websites done.
Eugene Leong
Eugene Leong
02:19 01 Sep 21
Jim and Catheryn were prompt, committed and responsive. They helped to solution along the way, which elevated the UX.Thoroughly enjoyed developing our microsite with them.
Farhan Tahar
Farhan Tahar
05:27 23 Aug 21
Great and patient explanation of the services provided and clear roadmap of the steps taken to help clients achieve their goals.
Kah Kien Diong
Kah Kien Diong
11:30 17 Aug 21
Very professional marketing services done by Jim and the team. The number of leads came flowing in to me just after 3 months of SEO services done by them. If you’re a business owner who is results and service oriented then Best SEO is definitely the right choice for you! 👍🏻
Kehzee Charles
Kehzee Charles
15:53 27 May 21
Jim is extreme knowledgeable and gives super good advice on how I can take my business forwards with Facebook marketing. His strategy was clear and concise. Very impressed with his approach and cannot wait to start seeing results.
Lu Lee
Lu Lee
23:57 11 Jan 21
Very dishonest. Over promised and undelivered. Stay away
Nicholas Ng
Nicholas Ng
08:07 28 Oct 20
Jim has helped us tremendously also in getting a clearer picture in identifying our needs, where our business truly needs to improve on & how to move forward in the right direction. Thank you Jim! =)
Justin Koh
Justin Koh
22:14 20 Oct 20
Good to hear from jim on how to improve the offer to improve conversion and offer various suggestions to improve the sales. Hope to learn more from him
Siti Yahya
Siti Yahya
07:26 09 Oct 20
I am a newbie in the financial advisory industry... I gain more clarity with Jim in the 30mins strategy call on what should I do on my lead generation framework. Looking forward to get results from the framework I am going to implement.
Edwin Ong
Edwin Ong
11:25 05 Oct 20
Jim is very helpful in providing advice and strategy on digital marketing. He also share on the most effective way to promote our event.
A Google User
A Google User
06:06 23 Sep 20
One of the best company to go to for SEO and SEM!
Cindy Teo
Cindy Teo
06:38 07 Aug 20
I saw the facebook ad from Best SEO and registered for the 30 min free strategy call. I thought no one's gonna call but I did receive the call after all. I like that Jim is honest and doesn't sugarcoat his feedback. He cuts to the chase and highlights the areas for improvement.
Rix Tan
Rix Tan
12:29 06 Jul 20
5 stars services. Help my business to achieve a greater heights by providing top notch digital marketing strategies. Highly recommended for all business owners.
Lynda Tan
Lynda Tan
01:08 20 May 20
We love the superb response on upteem changes prior to uploading our new website. Jim is very patience and give opinions based on his professionalism and experience. We are happy to receive good reviews on our new website and our ranking is now higher based on SEO. The fee is very reasonable compared to the number of hours spend revamping our website. Highly recommended. No regrets.
Moernie Osman
Moernie Osman
01:28 19 Mar 20
Jim & Catheryn - we enjoyed working with you in this project. Despite the tight timeline, the numerous changes... you are always accomodating. Thank you for your patience and all the best to the both of you. From all of us at NTU Team MOS.
Benjamin Khoo
Benjamin Khoo
06:04 26 Feb 20
We worked with Jim and Catheryn for our company's website redesign. Jim and Catheryn's are professional and rendered impeccable services. We commend them for being prompt and timely in providing us a perfect solution for our website.
Vashon Liujanta
Vashon Liujanta
05:20 24 Feb 20
Jim & Catheryn has been a joy to work with!They were very involved with the planning of my company's website despite the niche industry and topic that requires a lot of technicalities and understanding. They remained open ears throughout and offered their expertise to go hand in hand with my business niche to create a website that strongly promotes what the company stands for and provides. At the same time, ensuring that the website is able to reach is potential in terms of SEO. Thank You BestSEO for your hardwork and dedication!
Rosette Designs & Co
Rosette Designs & Co
02:34 03 Dec 19
Our session with Jim was truly a great experience. To give an honest over view of our learning session :a. It was insightful and helped us understand how to make the best use of SEO to grow our businessb. Jim really made an effort to simplify the topics for us to make it easier for even the beginners to understand and grasp the subjectc. Jim was friendly and made it easy for us to ask questions. He also went out of the way to help us manage some of our web pages, many thanks to him and definitely would recommend his services!
Mingkuai Wong
Mingkuai Wong
13:45 04 Nov 19
Catheryn from BestSEO did a great job for our website design. Now Oishi loads fast and it looks good on mobile. I am very pleased with the result and would recommend her.
xiong yao
xiong yao
06:09 19 Oct 19
Working with Best SEO Singapore has been a great experience. Besides creating a modern-looking website that is mobile responsive, Catheryn and team has ensured that my website does rank well after the website revamp. Would recommend Best SEO Singapore to any business owner looking for affordable and quality website services.
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So now you're wondering...
Why do we charge this much?

It’s simple. 

Because the only thing that we care about in your business, is results.

Unlike any other web design agency, SEO agency, Google Ads agency, Facebook Ads or Social Media Marketing agency

We couldn’t be bothered less with vanity metrics.

Vanity metrics like “clicks”, “impressions”, “likes”, “shares” and “comments”.

The only thing we care about in your business…

Is return on investment.

Yes, that’s right.

We only care whether you will make your money back.

After battle testing hundreds of website designs…

And running more than hundreds of marketing campaigns…

We have already figured out what will work.

And what doesn’t.

When you work with us, it’s not about getting what you want.

It’s about you placing the trust in us that we will deliver.

To deliver you a predictable way of acquiring leads, sales and revenue.

Just like how we did for the rest of our clients.

We are 100% transparent in what we do in our business, and you can check that out in our Founder’s YouTube channel.

All operations are made 100% transparent.

From the sales call, the advertising campaigns’ optimisation process, the website creation process.


We don’t hide behind intangible metrics like “clicks”, “impressions” , yadayada…

Because the only thing we care about…

Is getting you your return on investment.

That’s why we charge what we charge. 

If you’re looking for the cheapest digital marketing agency to work with, we’re not going to be a great fit.

However, if you are looking to get your return on investment back, we might be a good fit.

Your best bet is to click on the button below, to apply to work with us.


“Perfect, in three months time, the investment came back, two folds. That was very good.”
Alex Chia
Little Red Dot Florist

SEM + SEO + Facebook Ads

>$45,000 worth of sales (3 months)
$15,021 in ad spend (3 months)
Investment came back two-folds

Why clients work with

Best SEO Logo White transparent flat

The only thing we care about for our clients,

is results.

Nothing matter more than flooding your inbox with a torrential downpour of leads.

So much leads you do not even have time to eat lunch or dinner, simply because you are too busy following up with them.

At business meetings.

Or lunch appointments.

Yes, that’s right, it sounds crazy, I know…

But we can make this a reality.

Either ways, clients work with us because we deliver real tangible results.

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If you are just starting out as a business and have barely any budget to work with,

this is NOT for you.

Please read this once again.

It is NOT for you, if you do not have a minimum budget of at least $1,000 per month to work with.

That’s right, if you do not have that kind of budget, please do not book the strategy session with us.