Jim Ng


Jim is the SEO expert on the team. While previously being frustrated with not being able to generate high quality leads as a door-to-door salesperson, he dug deep into digital marketing. 

The results?  

He used SEO as a tool to suck in leads like a vacuum cleaner on steroids for his clients.

Get to know Jim

It was either being an accountant, a firefighter or a doctor. Typically what every SIngaporean parent would brainwash their child to become in order to live a successful life!

I was previously a door-to-door salesperson selling insurance. It was extremely frustrating, having to constantly deal with rejections because the prospects were not even properly qualified.

From there, I did my own research to dig deep into digital marketing, and that was where I discovered SEO.

I got fired by the previous digital marketing agency I worked for because they thought I was trying to start my own agency but I really was not.

I was merely trying to generate leads to help the agency prosper even more.

So that made me a wrong fit for the company because they could not even trust me as an employee.

Furthermore, there was a gap in the marketplace where digital marketing agencies were merely offering digital marketing solutions, but not a marketing strategy with a strong marketing message. 

I decided I could do better than other agencies by having my own digital marketing agency and that was where it all began.

Being able to help my clients who suffered the same problems I faced as a door-to-door sales person.

It delights me whenever I see my clients having warm and qualified leads from their SEO campaigns.

Meeting clients on a daily basis, where I get to understand the biggest problems they face as an entrepreneur.

This would allow me to think critically to come up with a solution to solve their business problem.

I do love a challenge every now and then!

I am currently working on planning a marketing strategy for a client that we have just gotten on board!