7 Best Freelance Web Designers in Singapore [As of 2020]

Catheryn Wong is a young and innovative freelance web designer.

Having created NTU 2020’s Virtual Open House website, her extensive experience makes her an amazing web designer that gets the job done at extremely affordable prices.

Her web design services’ prices start from $1,997, which could go up higher depending on the scope of your project.

Her main clientele includes Nanyang Technological University, Next Level Singapore, JC Tuition Singapore, Exomnia Events, and Oishi Pan Bakery.

She mostly uses Wordpress, HTML, CSS, and Woocommerce for her web design projects.

Contact her at +65 9687 8077 

Subraa is a  website designer that is well versed in frameworks such as Wordpress, eCommerce Website Design, and User Experience Design.

Besides offering website design, Subraa also provides logo design, name card design, flyer design and other digital marketing services.

His main clientele includes Great Twins, Geemax Innovations, Coast dental, Enfantron, Success Century Group, Tat Hin Group, Flow Force, and Getcapital.


Felore is a freelance web designer that specializes in website design and ECommerce website designs.

Besides designing content management systems, Felore also creates ECommerce websites for businesses who want to sell their products or services online.

His prices start from $1,600, which includes 8 pages.

His main clientele includes Eunice Olsen Media, Avex CCTV, Moris Allen English, Emperor Entertainment, Lam Chuan, Frouses, Luxury Home SG, The Unicorn Particles, Music Ark and Wild Peonies.

Amalina is an experienced freelance web designer in Singapore.

Being well versed in HTML, CSS and graphic design, Amalina dishes out great looking websites for her clients.

Her main clients include Coding For Her, SUTD, Avyanna, NUS, Little Rays Club and Ola Scarves.

In order to get an estimate for her web design services, feel free to contact her directly from her website.

Dean Loh is an experienced freelance web designer in Singapore with more than 18 years of experience.

Being well versed in Wordpress websites and Pay Per Click services, he also focusses on getting results and a positive return on investment for his clients.

His main clientele includes Al Hornsby Productions, Aluminium Offshore, Barghest Building Performance, Big Foot Traveller, Bludotasia+JC, Centre for Ageing Research & Education and Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.

Calvin Seng is a freelance web designer that also creates mobile apps for companies and businesses in Singapore.

His prices start from $699 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a pretty nifty deal.

This package even includes a 1-year Virtual Private Server web hosting, which makes it a great deal for businesses that are running on a tight budget.

Calvin Seng’s main clients include Oppo, Midea, Eurolingo, OKI, SearchLab, Shieldr Inc, STA Vehicle Inspection and ST Engineering.

Kage Designs is a freelance web designer in Singapore that also performs some search engine optimization for his clients.

His main clients include Fitta, New Asia Momentum, Stabilo, Trakmomatic.

In order to receive a better quotation for his web design services, be sure to contact him directly for an accurate quote.

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Where do I find a freelance web designer in Singapore?

You can select from the top freelance web designers in this list.

Can I engage a freelance web designer to create an eCommerce website?

Definitely. Most freelance web designers possess the skill sets required to create an eCommerce website design.

How much do website design packages cost?

It could range anywhere from $497 all the way to $5,000+ .
It depends on the scope of the project and how much customization you want on your website.

Can I get freelancers to design a property website for me?

Yes, you can. Freelance website designers are definitely capable of creating a property website such as 99.co and propertyguru.com.sg. Using frameworks such as PHP, you will be able to create such a website.

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