Quantum Growth By King Kong Review

My brutally honest review of Quantum Growth By King Kong

Yes, I bought the course.

I am not one of those affiliate marketers that is trying to promote any course or anything, in fact, I want nothing from you.

I just want to pen down my reflections on the course.

My name is Jim Ng, founder and general manager of Best SEO Singapore.

Breaking down the course modules

Week 1

In week 1, we learnt about how to perform a super thorough market and competitor research.

In every single week’s modules, there are awesome templates and turnkey systems that you can immediately deploy for your business to use.

This really saved me a lot of time and gave me the action steps required to put the course material to use.

I really like Week 1, because I believe every business should exist for a reason.

To solve a specific problem.

Week 2

In week 2, we learn about creating the right frame of mind in order to optimise for a better business.

Like what Sabri Suby says, “In order to build a better business, I have to build a better me.”

I can’t agree more with him.

This is so true.

Every business owner, or entrepreneur, is merely looking for the magic pill they can take to explode their business.

But they do not reflect enough on themselves.

And optimise themselves to build a better business.

In Week 2, I learnt how to create a strong foundation of my business builder’s mind, in order to really propel my business to the next level.

Week 3

In week 3 , we learnt how to write really good copy and understand the concept of mass selling.

This was critical to create a mindset shift on how to market online.

Furthermore, we learnt how to calculate the unit economics of business in order to scale a business.

I think it’s incredibly important to understand how businesses run with their metrics.

Which is why it’s important for us to understand key metrics such as Customer Acquisition Cost, Customer Lifetime Value, and how to optimize our businesses for success.

Week 4

This is my favourite week of the whole course.


I came from a background of sales where I was doing direct selling an insurance agent.

I sucked really badly at sales back then.

But I think I have came a long way after attending this module.

Sabri really breaks down his 8-figure Samurai Sales Script and made it really simple for anyone who is new in sales to be a top notch salesperson.

I found Week 4 the most important and most powerful for me, as this module alone made me back the investment I put in Quantum Growth, literally within 2 weeks, after applying the strategies in Week 4.

Week 5

Week 5 is all about launching our landing pages and funnels.

This was also really awesome.

With turnkey systems and plugins ready to deploy, virtually anyone could use Week 5 to deploy their funnels.

Furthermore, there were direct-response copy templates for emails, landing pages, and more…

Insane value in week 5 too.

Week 6

Of course, with all our soft skills, we can’t get anything done.

Which is why Week 6 is around for us to understand the technicalities of the Facebook Pixel, the Google Ads algorithm and more.

Week 6 is all about execution.

Applying our knowledge from Week 1 to 5 and taking it to work.

Week 6 wrapped up with one of the most important modules, which is to setup some awesome tracking, allowing us to track our return on investment


I would strongly recommend Quantum Growth by King Kong to any serious business owner looking to scale their business.

I have nothing to earn from this, by the way.

You can click on the link here to attend the free training for Quantum Growth by King Kong, where you can apply to see if you are a great fit.

Wishing you the best for your business,

Jim Ng

Founder and General Manager
Best SEO Marketing Pte Ltd

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