Work with Catheryn Wong!

Catheryn is a seasoned freelance website designer based in Singapore.

She builds professional websites with 1 focus in mind:

It MUST turn browsers into prospects or even buyers.

Companies are looking for a more specific type of Freelancer...

... a Freelance Web Designer that builds high-performance websites.

It doesn’t matter whether you are launching your first business website or boosting your website traffic.

Having a well-designed website simply isn’t enough.

Unlike most ‘web designers’, whose goal is to make websites look pretty, Catheryn handcrafts high-performance websites that focuses on converting browsers into buyers.

Our websites will be a good fit for you if you want to:

Obtain Twice As Many Customers Online

Double your sales for the same marketing spend. This would also mean cutting your cost by half to acquire a customer.

Establish A Long-term Growth Strategy

Get a solid foundation right from the start so as to make it extremely challenging for your business empire to collapse.

Avoid Complicated Website Maintenance

You won't just get a pretty looking website. We'll build a fully custom design and responsive website that is easy to use and update.


Catheryn Is Not Just Another Web Designer, She's An SEO Enthusiast

Finding a Freelance Web Designer in Singapore is not difficult at all. But to work with one that can develop a high-performance website is the challenging part.

There is no secret formula to being an expert in web design and development. One thing that sets Catheryn apart is that she takes web copywriting seriously to achieve the desired results you want for your business.

As a freelance web designer, we understand that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial component to your marketing strategy. Put simply, we design AND optimise your website in 1 single project. 

Hence it makes no sense to work with a designer to build your website and subsequently look for a marketer to optimise your website. You get to only deal with 1 contact person can help save you a tonne of money, time and frustration

If you want a website that gives you the ability to:

  • Gain more visibility in the competition
  • Be profitable in buying traffic and more than anyone in your market
  • Boost your market share, while your competitors panic
  • Be Position #1 on Google AdWords for your most expensive keywords and profiting

Chat with us to discuss further on how you can leverage on technology, data, and our skills to take your business to the next level.

We offer an obligation-free consultation session.

From freelaNce gigs to best seo marketing pte ltd

The Rise of Freelancers in Singapore

Best Marketing Agency Pte Ltd is built to operate like a Branded Agency by Skilled Freelancers in Singapore and was officially launched in late 2018 with a purpose:

“To make digital marketing services easily accessible to all SMEs.”

This means you’ll get to work with a:

  • More streamlined work process. No more frustrating miscommunication between your account managers (middle man) and the actual marketer that is working on your project. Your account manager is the marketer. 
  • Highly motivated specialists that are hungry for results, meaning, Your ROI is our KPI. This is because we work on a project basis and unlike most in-house employees, we do not simply just “go to the office” and wait for the clock to hit 6pm then rush home.  
  • Shorter time frame and still getting all the work done. We work remotely and can still deliver the same if not better results than most digital marketing agencies in Singapore. As we strive to maximise productivity, we have also eliminated all the unnecessary distractions (like commuting to the office, chatting with colleagues, attending meetings).

As the “gig economy” continues to heat up, businesses without in-house employees are all flooding towards freelancers to overcome the increased workload. Read the full article from Business Know How.

You can also read this source that we have extracted from LinkedIn, ‘By 2020, 50% of the Americans are Expected to be Working as Independent Contractors’.

In the foreseeable future of Singapore, not only will more talents function as freelancers, companies will be more inclined to outsource their projects to them.

According to Forbes, “… more top professionals choose freelancing over full-time employment, large and established companies … recognize the benefits of tapping these external experts for help with important, time sensitive, projects.”

It is likely that most companies, especially the SMEs and startups, struggles with insufficient incoming leads to sustain their business

That is why in today’s world, Moz specifically emphasized on why ‘Local Businesses Will Need Websites More than Ever in 2019 and not just any website.’

Your business website needs to receive traffic so that more sales can be generated.