EastWest SVC is a laboratory equipment distributor that distributes spectrometers, high speed infrared cameras and products used for scientific research. 

Creating a website that ranks for lab equipment keywords


Client Industry

Lab Equipment Distribution


Required a great looking website that ranks on Google


Amazing looking website that is optimized for SEO keywords


EastWest SVC did not have a great looking website before. They required a website that looks amazing in order to have a strong corporate image and profile.


The Best SEO Marketing Pte Ltd team designed a mobile responsive website that was optimized to rank on Google. With a clean looking website that showcases the products that EastWest SVC distributes, they would be able to have a stronger brand persona. 


While leveraging our expertise of SEO, we managed to create an SEO-friendly website that ranks on the first page of Google for the keyword “Ocean Optics Singapore”.