🏆Top 48 Instagram Influencers🏆 in Singapore

Influencer marketing in Singapore is not new. For many years since Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn got popular, influencers help businesses and brands thrive.

By leveraging on the following of popular celebrities in social media, influencers ensure that your business can get visibility on social media platforms without appearing too pushy.

As influencers can give an impartial opinion about your product, brand or service, they can give your business the unbiased review your business needs.

In this article, we break down the Top 48 Instagram Influencers in Singapore, from the smallest following on Instagram to the largest following on Instagram. Note that due to the vast number of Instagram Influencers in Singapore, only selected influencers have been picked up to be placed in the list.

1. Chelsea Teng

Chelsea Teng

First on our list is a micro-influencer that does YouTube videos, Chelsea does makeup tutorials on YouTube and blogs about her travel experiences on her website.

With her bubbly personality and a keen interest in traveling, Chelsea shares practical advice about getting your First HDB BTO flat and practical tips when traveling.

You will be seeing her following grow exponentially in the
coming years!

Instagram Followers: 7,109+

2. Juhi Nars

Juhi Nars

As the 2019 Face of Singapore Winner and the 2019 Face of Asia Pacific, Juhi Nars has accomplished a lot for someone at the young age of

She mostly does commercials on TVs and photoshoots for editorials and magazines.

While commanding no less than 9,000 followers on Instagram, Juhi Nars seems to be en route to growing her following in the coming years.

Instagram Followers: 9,467+

3. Amethyst


Amethyst usually appears on Jian Hao’s YouTube channel as a student. At the young age of 20, Amethyst has documented her travels all over the world on her Instagram.

With her sparkling look and personality, Amethyst doesn’t just have the name of a jewel but has a face that shines like one.

She currently has a growing number of followers of no less than 9,600 on Instagram.

Instagram Followers: 9,654+

4. Calista Yap

Calista Yap

Calista often documents her travels on Instagram. While being in a loving relationship with her boyfriend Ronald, Calista often posts photos of her daily activities that command more than 10,000 pairs of eyeballs on Instagram.

Instagram Followers: 10,000+

5. Shannon Low

Shannon Low

Wife of I Not Stupid actor Joshua Ang, Shannon Low had recently given birth to a young baby boy Jedaiah. She often shares and blogs
about her family and baby on her website. With a loving family and posting of her family’s moments on Instagram, Shannon is an upcoming influencer that would appeal to the young crowd.

Her recent blog post on how her confinement nanny abused Jedaiah went viral, having more than 273,000 hits.

Instagram Followers: 10,100+


6. Chloe Teo

Chloe Teo

While being married not more than a year ago, Chloe has unique ideas on photography and creating content on her blog.

With photographs of her husband and herself carrying out renovation works on their new BTO flat, Chloe is imaginative and has come up
with extremely interesting creatives.

Do check out her photographs on her website, Because We Venture.

Instagram Followers: 11,900+


7. Hakim


Yet another familiar face on Jian Hao Tan’s channel, Hakim is a young and charismatic man that is bound to appeal to the ladies.

His Instagram following of no less than 13,000 paves a good path for his organic following on social media to grow rapidly.

Instagram Followers: 13,000+

8. Alicia Marielle

Alicia Marielle

Besides having an incredible figure that is bound to capture the attention of men, Alicia is a talented singer that uploads her music on YouTube.
As part of the Titan Digital Media collective, Alicia is a Filipino that is based in Singapore, and is consistently growing her social media following on a daily basis.

Instagram Followers: 13,000+

9. Abbey


While not just being a pretty face, Abbey has a sweet voice that is bound to warm the hearts of the crowds at weddings and corporate events.

Be sure to engage her for your event if you ever need a live singer!

Additionally, Abbey also appears on Jian Hao Tan’s videos from time to time. Watch out for her organic following on Instagram to skyrocket in years to come!

Instagram Followers: 15,400+

10. Joshua Ang

Joshua Ang

Former child actor Joshua Ang currently runs his own bar 4tomic. Most notably known for his award-winning performance in hit movie I Not Stupid close to two decades ago, Joshua has grown to be a family man and currently has a son with fellow influencer Shannon Low.

Joshua currently has more than 20,000 pairs of eyeballs on his Instagram, which will come in handy to bring people to his newly opened karaoke bar in Serangoon.

Instagram Followers: 20,000+


11. Zoen Tay

Zoen Tay

With her glamorous posing in her well-shot photos on Instagram, it is no wonder that Zoen can garner a decent following on Instagram. Her posts are usually fitness-themed.

Besides loving her workouts, she poses well for the camera and could definitely help brands in the fitness and health industry market some products, if that is the route she wants to take.

Instagram Followers: 21,000+

12. Daniel Ang

Daniel Ang

Daniel often appears on Channel 5’s series Kin as Kee Tong. His interesting lifestyle has commanded him no less than 30,000 pairs of eyeballs on Instagram and is destined more in the future.

Instagram Followers: 30,000+

13. Elaine Heng

Elaine Heng

A serial entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer, and a single mom to her two sons, Elaine Heng is the epitome of a strong-minded woman. She owns an image consultancy business.

On top of that, she often blogs about travel, lifestyle and beauty topics on her website.

Instagram Followers: 31,000+


14. Kayley Tan

Kayley Tan

Younger sister to Singapore’s top influencer Jian Hao Tan, Kayley has easily been paved a route to her social media influencer status.

Her social media following will grow exponentially just like her brother’s in years to come.

Instagram Followers: 32,000+

15. Cheryl Chio

Cheryl Chio

Perfect for businesses in the beauty industry to tap on, Cheryl Chio is an award-winning blogger and former journalist turned Social Media Influencer.

Her Instagram is filled with a plethora of colours and beauty products, as she often reviews beauty products on her blog.

Instagram Followers: 35,800+


16. Diana Bakar

Diana Bakar

Diana is well endowed with a cute and charming demeanor.

Besides being an avid traveler, she often shares about her favorite beauty products on Instagram.

Instagram Followers: 38,700+

17. Vicky Low

Vicky Low

Vicky often appears on Jian Hao Tan’s videos on YouTube.

With her charismatic look and gorgeous looks, this upcoming Social Media Influencer is bound to steal the hearts of many.

Instagram Followers:  39,500+

18. Julynn Lau

Julynn Lau

As an avid gamer that streams on TwitchTV, Julynn easily wins the hearts of guys who are into gaming.

Her petite demeanor and dazzling eyes are bound to capture the attention of guys who are into the same games as she is into.

Instagram Followers: 41,600+

19. Jolene Zhou

Jolene Zhou

A female entrepreneur of a fashion label Ohvola, Jolene details her travels across the world on her Instagram stories.

Instagram Followers: 43,600+


20. Cindy Lecinlurve

Cindy Lecinlurve

Cindy often works in collaboration with shoe brands and fashion apparels. Be sure to reach out to her if you own a business in the fashion industry!

Instagram Followers: 47,300+


21. Cheryl Chin

Cheryl Chin

With her girl-next-door look and her constant appearance on Jian Hao Tan’s videos on YouTube, Cheryl has successfully grown her Instagram following to beyond 52,000 followers.

Her social media following is set to grow exponentially in the years to come.

Instagram Followers: 52,000+

22. Melissa Melz

Melissa Melz

For someone at a young age of 19, Melissa definitely looks extremely matured. With her sweet demeanor and constant posting of selfies on Instagram, she has won the hearts of many guys.

Another usual cast in Jian Hao Tan’s videos, Melissa is set to grow her social media following in years to come.

Instagram Followers: 54,200+

23. Amander


A multi-talented singer, songwriter, dancer, producer and host, Amander has a strong portfolio to show for. While working closely with Jian Hao through many channels, Amander is a rare talent that is able to stand out in her many ways.

Instagram Followers: 54,200

24. Sierra Li Xing

Sierra Li Xing

With outrageously stunning photos being posted on her Instagram, it is no wonder that Sierra is able to garner the likes of many followers on her Instagram.

While documenting her travels with extremely high-quality photos of herself, Sierra is able to grow her social media following to no less than 55,800 Instagram followers!

Instagram Followers: 55,800+

25. June


It could be her provocative dressing, it could be her outstanding looks, it could even be her bodacious figure.

One look at June and you know that she is different. That is exactly how she managed to grow her social media following to more than 58,600 followers on Instagram.

Instagram Followers: 58,600

26. Vincent Sin

Vincent Sin

This huge joker who often appears on Jian Hao Tan’s comedic videos is a handsome young man who has a bright future ahead of him. Vincent will definitely grow to be even more successful than he already is right now.

Instagram Followers: 65,600+

27. Cherylene

As a young student at the age of 20, Cherylene has already gotten a huge following, thanks to her constant appearance on Jian Hao Tan’s videos.

With her young and sweet demeanor, she is bound to attract the likes of more Singaporeans on her social media channels.

Instagram Followers: 66,600+

28. Sophie Willocq

As a half-French and Chinese, Sophie documents her travels on her Instagram account and her blog. That is how she amassed a huge following on her Instagram account.

Possibly attributed to her dazzling looks, Sophie’s exotic heritage could explain her amazing facial features.

Instagram Followers: 86,700+

29. Burqq


Burqqq has appeared in way too many of Jian Hao Tan’s videos, which was possibly what skyrocketed her to fame. Her candid photos of her
lifestyle and travels on Instagram has grown her Instagram’s following to more than 99,000.

Instagram Followers: 99,300+

31. Danial Ron

Danial Ron

As Jian Hao Tan’s video editor, Danial has done quite well on social media as well. With more than 121,000 Instagram Followers, Danial’s interest in games has also gotten Singaporeans to be interested in his personal lifestyle.

Instagram Followers: 121,000+

32. Denise Soong

Denise Soong

While documenting her travels and holidays on her Instagram, coupled with appearing on Jian Hao Tan’s videos, Denise’s sweet and bubbly appearance has sure helped in garnering her a huge social media following of no less than 129,000.

Instagram Followers: 129,000+

33. Nicole Low

Nicole Low

Nicole travels to countless countries around the world. She documents them on her Instagram. Needless to say, coupled with her flawless look, she has grown to no less than 144,000 followers on Instagram.

Instagram Followers: 144,000+

34. Jasmine Lee

Jasmine Lee

Having had a plastic surgery recently done on her nose, Jasmine’s pursuit for perfection in her looks has contributed to her looking more immaculate than ever.

As a half Chinese and Filipino, Jasmine often keeps logs of her travels on her Instagram highlights.

Instagram Followers: 146,000+

35. Joshua Tan

Joshua Tan

The lead actor of popular film Ah Boys to Men, Joshua Tan has grown to become a prominent actor in the entertainment scene. Currently, with more than 156,000 followers on Instagram, Joshua is set to command more influence on Instagram.

Instagram Followers: 156,000+

36. Ridhwan Azman

Ridhwan Azman

A long-time friend of Jian Hao Tan, the Ah Boys to Men star is witty, funny and fashionable. Ridhwan is multi-talented and is hilarious on his YouTube videos.

While previously being in the spotlight for his relationship with Nicole Choo, RIdhwan has moved on to focus on his YouTube career.

Instagram Followers: 170,000+

37. Dee Kosh

Dee Kosh

Formerly a Power 98FM DJ, Dee Kosh is arguably one of Singapore’s top YouTube stars. His YouTube channel has more than 300,000 subscribers. His witty and hilarious impressions of stereotyping accents have garnered him a huge fanbase in Singapore.

YouTube Subscribers: 300,000+


Instagram Followers: 194,000+

38. Benjamin Kheng

Benjamin Kheng

Member of the popular band Sam Willows, Benjamin’s good looks and unique voice have definitely helped him grown his social media following to no less than 197,000 followers on Instagram.

Instagram Followers: 197,000+

39. Christabel Chua

Entrepreneur, Social Media Celebrity, Blogger and Traveller are just a few titles that Christabel holds. Not only has her online shop Kai made Christabel a successful businesswoman, but her popular blog documenting her travel experiences and beauty products have also allowed her to climb sharply to fame.

Instagram Followers: 243,000+


40. Melissa C Koh

Melissa C Koh

If I were to tell you Melissa is the mother of a new-born baby, you probably would not believe me. Award-winning blogger and entrepreneur Melissa now has more than 266,000+ followers. With that kind of following, it is no wonder that brands and companies alike want her to promote their products on her Instagram account.

Instagram Followers: 266,000+

41. Carrie Wong

Carrie Wong

Carrie initially rose to fame because of her appearances on multiple Channel 8 drama series. The former contestant of Channel U’s reality television competition Hey Gorgeous is arguably one of the most successful contestants from the show.

Now an ambassador for Qoo10, Carrie’s sweet looking smile will only further enable her to garner more fans in Singapore.

Instagram Followers: 272,000+

42. Debbie S


After being recently married to Jian Hao Tan, the currently pregnant Debbie is still extremely active on YouTube and her Instagram. As she moves forward to become a mom, brands who sell baby products and products for mothers will only continue to approach Debbie to promote their products.

Instagram Followers: 300,000+

43. Andrea Chong

Andrea Chong

Andrea currently blogs about anything and everything under the sun. Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, well-being and IT are just a few of many topics that she blogs about. She is primed to be a huge Singaporean influencer in the years to come.

Instagram Followers: 309,000+

44. Yoyo Cao

Yoyo Cao

While living her frivolous and luxurious lifestyle, Yoyo has garnered a huge following for reviewing beauty products on her blog. She is often spotted at events of luxury brands Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel.

Yoyo is the go-to influencer for luxury brands alike.

Instagram Followers: 366,000+

45. Kim Lee

Kim Lee

DJ, Pianist, #1 FHM 100 Sexiest Women in Asia, these are just a few of many hats that Kim Lee has. Her ridiculously great figure has not only to climb sharply towards fame but also added lots of value in her music career.

Armed with her musical talents and amazing looks, Kim Lee is set to become one of the most popular DJs based in Asia.

Instagram Followers: 503,000+

46. Jian Hao Tan

Jian Hao Tan

Having started his YouTube channel in 2010 producing comedy videos, Jian Hao has grown to be the top influencer in Singapore. With more than 3 million YouTube subscribers and 500,000 Instagram followers, Jian Hao is arguably the fastest growing YouTube star based in Singapore.

Besides posting comedic videos on YouTube, Jian Hao has a YouTube channel dedicated to playing games just like PewDiePie.

He currently owns a company that boasts more than 20 influencers called Titan Digital Media. Having been recently married to his partner Debbie, Jian Hao will only see a rapid increase in his social media following.

Instagram Followers: 522,000+




47. Naomi Neo

Naomi Neo

Mother, blogger, and traveler Naomi Neo is one of Singapore’s top influencers.

Naomi has since grown and matured a lot since her Social Media debut.

Instagram Followers: 550,000+

48. Wendy Cheng

Wendy Cheng

Known as Singapore’s blogging queen, Wendy Cheng or Xiaxue rose to fame because of being such a great writer. Besides being able to connect with her readers on an emotional level, Wendy writes amazing articles that empathize with her readers.

Although she is no longer active at blogging, her Vlogs and appearances on Clicknetwork TV shows are still not a thing of the past, as she continues to review beauty and makeup products.

Beauty and fashion brands alike can always approach Xiaxue if they want an impartial review of their products. The honest and straightforward Xiaxue will give you her unfiltered thoughts on your product.

Instagram Followers: 607,000+

How much do influencers charge in Singapore?

According to Get Kobe, a Social Media Marketing agency, the market rates are as follows:

Instagram followers Rates (per Instagram post)
2,000 to 9,999 $75 to $250
10,000 to 49,999 $250 to $500
50,000 to 100,000 $500 to $1,000
99,999 to 499,999 $1,000 to $3,000
500,000 and up $3,000 and above

It could be as low as $75 per Instagram post to $1,000,000 per Instagram post. CNBC reports that Kylie Jenner apparently charges $1,000,000 per Instagram post.

It largely depends on the number of following the Instagram influencer has.


Agree or disagree? It comes as no surprise if your favourite influencer is not included here. Let us know who we are missing and we’ll be happy to insert your favourite influencer on this list. Drop us an email at [email protected].

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They could earn anywhere between $250 for one instagram post up to $3,000 per instagram post.

You need to be good looking, have a strong personality and keep your followers engaged through your social media channels.

If you are selling B2C products that are low-ticket, definitely.

Jian Hao Tan and Xiaxue are amongst the two who has the most number of subscribers and followers on YouTube and Instagram respectively.

As of 2020, Jian Hao Tan has 644,000+ followers on Instagram, while JJ Lin has 4.4 million instagram influencers.
However, JJ Lin is largely based in Taiwan rather than Singapore, although he is indeed a Singaporean.

Naomi Neo produced many YouTube videos and blog articles that managed to amass a lot of attention, leading to her becoming one of Singapore’s top influencers.

Xiaxue is one of Singapore’s first female bloggers that skyrocketted herself to fame while writing controversial blog posts.

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