How to select the right SEO company for your business

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Blog

With so many SEO companies out there in the marketplace, have you ever wondered how do you select an SEO company to assist you in your business?




In this article, we’ll cover some of the factors that you can look out for before you engage an SEO company. With many of our readers having had bad experiences with SEO companies, being able to identify the right SEO company to work with is no easy feat.





Step 1: Checking out the SEO Company’s rankings



If an SEO company is trying to sell you SEO Services, obviously, the company must have SEO results to show for.




Imagine this, an SEO company is trying to sell you SEO services, but yet they themselves do not perform SEO to acquire customers.
Would you trust this company?



It is the equivalent of a Kungfu Master trying to teach you Kungfu, but the master himself does not even practise Kungfu on a day-to-day basis.



As a result, an SEO company should be able to rank for competitive SEO terms such as “SEO Services” in their city or town, in order to prove that they are an authority in the SEO industry.




If the SEO company can walk the talk and is able to rank for competitive keywords in the digital marketing industry, then obviously, there is a higher chance that they can do the same for you.





Step 2: Check out the SEO company’s testimonials and social proof



Dig up the company’s social media profile from Facebook and Google. If they have served many clients who are happy with the SEO results that have been brought to them, chances are these clients would leave amazing reviews on their social media pages, thanking them for their service. Best SEO is an example of having great reviews on our social media profiles.





Step 3: Ask for any references from the SEO Company



Prior to engaging an SEO company, it is advised that you ask the SEO company to provide some references. Speak to the clients that they have served before and see what they have to say. If they have served clients before and brought decent results for them, then the SEO company should have no problem providing some references for you to speak to.




This way, you are able to understand how the SEO company will perform when they start working with you.





Step 4: Check out the keywords that the SEO company proposes



There are some SEO companies out there that propose ridiculous keywords. Keywords that have no search volume and lack any reason to be proposed are often an indicator of incompetence.




When SEO companies propose extremely long-tail keywords that few people search for, it goes to show that there is a lack of competence on their part and they merely want to rank for easier keywords.




Although ranking for longer tail keywords ensure that the quality of leads and the conversion rate is higher, it becomes extremely questionable when there is close to no search volume for the keywords being




Therefore, prior to engaging an SEO company, be sure to ask for some keywords that they will be targeting before engaging the SEO company.




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